Iranian Culture Fest Picnic Signup Form
The Twin Cities Iranian Culture Collective cordially invites you to host or be a guest at a socially distanced Iranian Culture Festival backyard picnic.
All hosts have to do is pick a date and invite the guests - or let us find guests for you - and we will provide everything else - the food, the music and the art.
If you want to be a guest, just complete the form below, and we'll try to match you with a host. Space is very limited, but we'll do our best.

We do ask hosts to aim for equal numbers of Iranian and non-Iranian guests, but if that's a problem, we can help.
You can have as few as 6 people (including yourself), or as many as you are comfortable hosting while maintaining safe social distancing.

We'll provide:
* a delicious Iranian boxed picnic lunch for each participant - details coming soon.
* a printed souvenir catalog of our virtual art exhibition - one for each group at your picnic.
* CDs or download codes of music by local Iranian and Iran-inspired musicians.
* a guest appearance by one of our participating artists and/or musicians (depending on availability).
* a one-month pass to IMVBox, the "Iranian Netflix." (depending on availability).

What's the catch? No catch, but we do have a few requirements. We ask hosts to:
*play some Iranian or Iranian-inspired music (which we can provide)
* talk a little about some aspect of Iranian culture
* follow best practices for COVID safety.
* send us some photos of the party that we can share, and the names and email addresses of your guests to notify them of future events.

If you are interested in being a guest or host, just complete the form below. We'll be in touch.
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Name (first and last) *
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Do you identify as Iranian or Iranian-American?
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Which area of the Twin Cities would be most convenient for you to be a host or guest (e.g. Minneapolis, St. Paul, western suburbs, etc.)?
(For guests) How many people are in your group?
For hosts: The picnics can be held any time during September. Do you have a date or possible dates in mind?
How many guests can you accommodate?
Which of these applies to you? *
If your picnic is open to outside guests, how many could you accommodate?
Thank you for taking this survey! If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. We'll get back to you soon.
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