The Light Church Race, Reconciliation, and Social Justice Missions Anonymous Survey on Interests and Concerns and “Armor of God” Self-Assessment
Extending the love of Jesus to see wholeness in Baltimore and beyond.
-Mission of The Light Church

To fulfill our mission, we have prayed about social problems in our city and tried different ways to make a difference in the past couple years. Outreach to the homeless and connecting with college students at community art events are some examples. We have also prayed for the violence, racial inequality, and leadership of the city.

On August 6, the church held an introductory panel discussion on the church’s role in racial reconciliation and social justice. At the core is the fact that justice reflects the character of God. The panel discussed why racism is sin, the definition of justice, concrete actions to be peacemakers, and the nature of white privilege. They also discussed critical thinking regarding politics, as well as reconciliation with God--as individuals, and at the level of social systems. (For the podcast, go to

Purpose of This Survey and Self-Assessment
The purpose of this survey and self-assessment tool is to help you and the church gauge our interests, concerns, readiness, and willingness toward social justice missions. We are interested in what you think--as much or as little as you are willing to share.

This is anonymous. We are not collecting usernames. The link to this page allowed you to access it without signing in.

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