Warrior-WoW Tester Application
This is where you submit your request to become a tester. A tester will be a limited title and will need to be re-submitted whenever there's a new test wave. VIPs are excluded and are always considered as testers, but are accountable to all the tester rules at any point of time.
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In-game account name *
In-game main character name *
Discord: *
What makes you want to become a tester? *
Have you ever assisted any other server in testing their content in-depth? *
You understand that this is a temporary role and it will be removed from your account until the next test wave is coming up, hereby requiring you to re-apply in case you wish to become a tester again? *
By sending this application and getting accepted (if found fit) you automatically accept all the tester rules and regulations which will be described as soon as you're getting accepted through our Discord server. Part of these regulations are the requirement to report bugs as soon as you encounter them, provide nothing but honest feedback and doing your absolute best to assist the server improve at all times, which can include suggesting ideas and sharing your thoughts *
Please provide any additional information you believe is needed or is important for us to know about (can be timezone, available hours or generally anything you have in mind you believe is important for us to know)
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