Teaching in the Emergency Department Self-Assessment
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The "N" in the SNAPPS technique stands for what? *
Where should the vast majority of your time on a lecture be spent? *
An effective strategy for interacting on social media is: *
If you were using the Aunt Minnie method, you would ask your learner to return with only the: *
The following represents an example of a good feedback session: *
How do you begin a One Minute Preceptor session? *
Best practices for procedure skills teaching include: *
The highest level in the RIME model is: *
According to adult learning theory, which of the following is likely to be best for adult learners? *
An important component of learning via simulation is: *
An important component of activated demonstration is: *
All of the following are types of questions EXCEPT: *
The "I" in the SPIT acronym stands for: *
When modeling problem solving, one should do all of the following EXCEPT: *
When setting goals with a learner, you should do all of the following EXCEPT: *
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