LCOY Technical Support Team
With the LCOY2020 Austria going online, the LCOY team needs a technical support team - essentially some volunteers who are willing to sit in during workshop sessions and support host and participant with any technical challenges that come up. No worries, you'll get a training beforehand, so you are prepared!

What will your task be?
- Keeping track of questions in the chat box to support workshop host
- Supporting participants and hosts with technical problems: issues with screen sharing, accessing shared documents

- Saturday (7 Nov) and/or Sunday (8 Nov) as then many workshop sessions are being planned simultaneously
- You need to be available for one training sessions in the weeks before (ca. 45 min to 1 hour beforehand)

What will we do at the training?
- Introduce you to "Hopin", the online platform we will use
- Explain procedure of sessions and what to expect exactly
- Common errors
- Answer all your questions :)

Optionally, if you are also willing to take on a bit of a more active role, some sessions would benefit from some moderation (i.e. introducing the speaker, guiding the discussion and perhaps asking some starter questions). If you'd be willing to do that in addition, please also say so!

For questions about the technical support team, please email
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If you can do more than one, that's great but it helps us already a lot if you are available for one slot!
In addition, I can imagine moderating a sessions on:
Training for Technical Support Team
You'll need to take part in a do a little 1 hours training session to become familiar with Hopin (conference platform) and receive a little briefing.
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