Call For Proposals - LambdaConf 2024

The LambdaConf 2024 Call for Proposals invites speakers to propose talks in any of the following areas:

  • Technologies. Innovative, inspiring technologies, including programming languages (Roc, Verse, Gleam), virtual machines (WASM, HVM), frameworks, libraries, and tools.

  • Use Cases. Industry-proven applications, whose architecture and technology can help inspire developers to improve the way they write software.

  • Theory. Well-known and new theory, including new advances in machine learning, computer science, mathematics, category theory.

If your talk is original (never delivered before the date of the conference), and is thought-provoking, educational, entertaining, or mind-blowing, and inspires developers to new ways of crafting software, then we encourage you to submit your proposal to LambdaConf 2024.

For all speakers, LambdaConf provides free VIP tickets, a gift, a special appreciation dinner, and when necessary, travel assistance. LambdaConf also compensates instructors for workshops.

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If you want to be considered for a keynote, please apply for a 50-minute talk.

Please be aware that if your talk is accepted and you'd like to give a keynote, this does not automatically mean your talk has been chosen for a keynote presentation. While we have selected your talk for inclusion in the conference, the decision regarding keynote presentations will be made in a separate selection process, after all submitted talks have been reviewed.
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