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Health Out Loud (HOL) was founded as a student group in 2010, expanded into a non-profit organization in 2014, and became a CRA-registered charity in 2015. Our dream is to make health fun, relatable and understandable through participant-identified goals and pedagological solutions. Focusing on vulnerable populations - young mothers, newcomer youth, etc, we organize community, high school and university programs. Now reaching 1000+ participants annually, our partners currently include the St.Michael’s Hospital, Access Alliance, the YMCA, the Women's Working Community Center, the York Region District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

We proudly boast an inclusive, friendship-building and truly energetic atmosphere, with a fervent passion for diversity and inclusiveness. We are a unique space that combines a determination to make a real difference with work flexibility and mentorship. Ask our team, including students and working professionals from nearly every field and stage of life! We are made up of people in the high school, post-secondary, post-graduate, and working professional stages of life, just to name a few. Additionally, we have leaders from many fields, including fitness, public health, project management, teaching, social work, medicine, engineering, registered massage therapy, and law.

Are you looking for a meaningful experience in a motivated team, where you can receive continuous mentorship and make a difference? We are searching for the next generation of visionaries to join our close-knit team. Volunteer or do your placement/practicum with us!

We encourage anyone who is team-orientated and community-minded to apply, regardless of your previous experiences or expertise. We tailor all roles to meet personal learning objectives and interests, as well as program requirements for placement

******** DEADLINE: Now accepting applications on a rolling-basis. Will contact applicants for an interview based on demand ********

1. Read about the process (pg. 8-9) & review our position description (pg. 10-17) in our
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