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The Operating Fund is the giving that makes our entire ministry for the year happen. We would invite you to consider this fund for the majority of your giving. Other funds and special collections are above and beyond this fund. With all of our individual generosity combined we are able to live out the mission to Love, Seek, and Serve together through everything from supporting area missions to purchasing curriculum to funding salaries to turning on the lights. Thank you for investing in God's mission for this church!
In response to God's guidance and believing in the ministries of our church, I/we commit to the 2020 stewardship campaign a ONE YEAR TOTAL amount of: *
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The Extra Steps Property Improvement Fund is for non-routine, tangible expenditures greater than $1,000 to improve building or grounds. Examples: audio system upgrade, re-staining the church exterior, resurfacing and re-striping the parking lot, roof repairs, marquee sign restoration. This fund is meant to be an "above and beyond your regular tithe" option for folks. Thank you for your additional investment in the stewardship of the church property!
In support of St. Paul’s capital building and grounds improvement projects, I/we commit to giving a ONE YEAR TOTAL of:
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