Sri Rama Navami Cultural Program March 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020
Venue: Akella Assembly Hall
Time: 1.30 pm – 5 pm

**** This event is FREE ****

Each School/ Group Item - --> 15 - 20 minutes max.
Group Performances Encouraged

For morning children programs please use the correct registration form - Link provided in the flyer.
For Dance Performances, please bring your song/music in DVD or USB Pen Drive. Come early to check your audio file works properly.
First Participant's Name *
Enter other participants in the "Other Participants' Names and Ages in the group" below at the bottom of the form. For a Group Performance from a school. Please enter Teacher's Name Here.
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Teacher or Music School Name *
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Other Participants' Names and Ages in the group *
Eg: Ambareesha 15, Muchikunda 12, Gargi 13
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Names of the performance items *
Eg: Name of the Song/ details etc, like Rama Sankeertanam - Bhajan - 05 min, OR Bharata Natyam - 20 min
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Would you like to make a poster or art work, bring it and share with others on this occasion? *
You can make a poster with a Ramayana Episode, Story, Gods, Scene, Painting. Bring it and display it in the hall. You can share and explain. Win Prizes, and Goodies.
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