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Welcome to SL2's Volunteer sign-up page! We love meeting like-minded people who want to engage in purposeful making! Check out our regular volunteer opportunities below.

1. Future Making - The future belongs to those who create it. For those of you interested in a sustainable future, learning critical thinking skills and volunteering to share your learning with the general public, this program is for you. This requires a commitment of 8 weeks (7 weeks of artefact development and 1 public education session).

2. Tech Saturday - In this program, volunteers will be using tech to address sustainability issues. We meet regularly on Saturdays at the Community Lab@UWCSEA to work on projects. Each project typically requires 6-10 weeks to complete. The current season is on 4th Feb to 25th Mar 2017. You will be signing up for season 2 (4th Mar to 25th Apr 2017) on Assistive Learning using AR/VR Technology.

3. Repair Coach Training - Repair Coaches are at the heart of our movement to tackle the buy-and-throw-away culture by teaching people how to repair. As a volunteer repair coach, you will be undergoing training on how to repair electrical & mechanical appliances and in turn you'll be offering your services to coach members of the public to repair their own items at the public Repair Kopitiam sessions held once a month. This requires a commitment of 8 consecutive weeks (6 weeks of training and 2 public Repair Kopitiam sessions).

All our volunteer programs require regular commitment (typically at least 8-10 weeks) as there is a significant degree of learning and skill development involved. Making takes loads of effort after all! If you can only volunteer on an ad-hoc basis, then do join us when we make open volunteer calls for specific events.

***ABOUT SL2***
Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) is a social innovation lab that aims to build a Sustainable Future through community building, technology experimentation and social innovation. Founded in 2011, we are organised as a social enterprise.

The "enterprise" part of our work involves running educational programs, corporate innovation programs, hackathons and developing products from bulk waste materials.

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