FLYSAFE - Scottish Gliding Center Incident Reporting
This reporting system is a trial intended to replace the existing Flysafe reporting with an online system accessible to all members.

It is intended to make data capture really simple and help towards all clubs' requirement to have a Safety Management System (SMS). Data analysis reports are simply fed out to a spreadsheet for further analysis by CFI and Safety Officer.

Recording all incidents, however small, will help us to identify weaknesses in our operational procedures or training and enable us to assess whether any frequency or trend indicates an area of concern for instructors.

Some of the required fields may not be applicable for a particular report. In that case just enter "N/A"

I am very interested in any feedback about the use of this form and the method of data collection. You can of course continue to report incidents using the existing paper forms if you don't have access to the online system.

Safe Flying
Wolf Rossmann
Safety Officer

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The name of an instructor who observed the incident (can be same as reporter) . Type "N/A" if no instructor was present
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To help identify type specific issues. If no aircraft directly involved type "N/A"
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Preventative/Remedial Action
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