2019 'Queer' Asia Art Submissions
‘Queer’ Asia Art Exhibition 2019/QAEx19

‘Queer’ Asia invites art submissions for an exhibition to be held in July 2019 at the British Museum.

‘Queer’ Asia is an organisation that aims to create a global platform for inter-Asia collaboration, dialogue, and research on matters affecting people who self-identify as LGBTQ+ or belong to other non-normative sexualities and gender identities in Asia, or Asian diasporas. Alongside an annual film festival, ‘Queer’ Asia hosts a contemporary art exhibition that features a diversity of artwork from across Asia to raise awareness of themes and topics relevant to queer struggles. The ‘Queer’ Asia Art Exhibition draws in a large audience and attracts widespread media coverage; exhibiting artists have been offered to appear on news outlets to discuss their work and have gone on to participate in national and international LGBTQ+ exhibitions.

Following the success of the 2018 art exhibition ‘Bodies x Borders’, ‘Queer’ Asia is seeking established and upcoming artists whose work explores LGBTQ+ content in Asia and/or within Asian diasporas. Artworks including paintings, sketches, photographs, mixed media (such as collages, montages etc.), sculptures, installations and video/audio artwork are accepted. ‘Queer’ Asia is focused on providing an engaging and informative art exhibition. Artwork that is interactive with audiences would therefore be particularly welcome.

The main submission process is via this googleform. However, if you have trouble accessing the form or are unable to submit, please write to queerasia.art@gmail.com.

1. Please complete the form below to apply for the 2019 'Queer' Asia art exhibition.

2. You can only submit a maximum of TWO artworks.

3. Artists can only submit ONE video artwork.

4. Artists can only submit ONE audio artwork. An audio file MUST accompany visual artwork

5. 'Queer' Asia Art Exhibition 2019 is a not for profit exhibition that is determined on raising the visibility of its exhibiting artists and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in Asia and within Asian diasporas. We therefore do not request a submission fee. 'Queer' Asia invests its limited resources in exhibiting artworks to the best possible extent.

6. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: February 28th 2019. The Exhibition will not consider late entries due to the volume of submissions.

NOTE: Artworks selected will be based only on their merit. Please do not be persuaded by anyone who claims to have access to the Curatorial Team/Exhibition Committee and asks for monetary or other favours to get your work in the ‘Queer’ Asia Art Exhibition 2019. ‘Queer’ Asia will not be responsible for any dealings.

Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting Artwork:
1. By submitting this form you are confirming that you will be able to display the listed artwork/artworks for the 'Queer' Asia Art Exhibition 2019.

2. a. Please note that if you choose to submit original artwork, ‘Queer’ Asia will not be able to support any delivery costs.
b. Exhibiting original work is at the risk of the participating artist(s). 'Queer' Asia cannot guarantee insurance for original work. In the unlikely event that an original artwork is damaged, ‘Queer’ Asia or individuals affiliated to ‘Queer’ Asia will not be held liable.
c.i. If original artwork is being submitted, the participating artist(s) will be asked to provide detailed instructions on how to install and de-install artwork.
c.ii. All original artwork will need to be sent to a UK address two weeks prior to the exhibition. This will be specified at a later date. The artwork will be stored in a studio that is safely secured and that is room-temperature. If this does not suit you then please do not submit original work.
d.i. Participating artists can submit copies of their work for QAEx19. This would involve participating artists sending digital copies of their work to the Exhibition Committee. The Exhibition Committee will then be responsible for organising the printing of said work. This is only for 2D artwork; paintings, drawings, sketches, photographs and mixed media.
d.ii. Please note that all artwork copies will be printed on 400 gsm paper (gloss or matte options will be available). The printing size limit of all artwork copies will be A0 (84.1cm x 118.9cm).
d.iii. If you choose to submit copies of your work, please be aware that all artwork copies will be destroyed after the exhibition, to avoid said work being used without consent.

3. As 'Queer' Asia is a volunteer-run organisation, we cannot provide a formal contract to participating artists. All correspondence will be done through email.

4. None of the artwork exhibited will be displayed for sale.

5. We are happy to link to artists social media and website via the QA media outlets.

6. By submitting this form you are guaranteeing that all artwork and artistic practice is your own and original.

Please contact us at queerasia.art@gmail.com if you have any questions

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