2020 East Brandywine Honey Order Form
Please fill out the form below to order 1-lb jars of raw honey. The cost is $12 per jar or 4 for $40. Thank you!!
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Golden Honey
Nectar collected from spring & summer wildflower blossoms in East Brandywine has created a rich, sweet honey. This all-purpose honey is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite foods and beverages with a flavor bold enough for use in cooking and baking.
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Amber Honey - SOLD OUT
Our Amber honey is gathered from late summer & fall flowers to produce a dark, savory honey with butterscotch, molasses, & brown sugar notes with hints of toasted marshmallow.
Pair with hard cheeses, granola, or pancakes. Great honey for baking!
Your honey will be waiting for you by the road!
Thank You!!
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