Attorney Volunteer Form for the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Pro Bono Program
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Pro Bono Program at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. A description of our Pro Bono Program is provided below. To signify your interest in volunteering with one or more student organizations in the program, simply fill out the short form that follows.

The Pro Bono Program at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law consists of faculty, administrators and students working together to ensure that law students have an ample number of quality pro bono opportunities and that public access to these opportunities is as easy as possible.

At any one time, the Pro Bono Program may include about 20 student-run pro bono projects, as well as pro bono efforts that law students can do independently in accordance with policies. Some of our student-run projects are run completely in-house, such as the Homeless Legal Assistance Project. Others are outreach projects that work in conjunction with community agencies, such as the Family Lawyers Assistance Project.

We are looking for volunteer attorneys to assist our student organizations implement these pro bono projects. Some student organizations would like a attorney to supervise them during specific pro bono events; others need a volunteer attorney to advise them during project planning or about their chosen focus area.

The descriptions of each pro bono student group are listed below. If you are interested in volunteering with or knowing more about a particular student group, again, please check the box under the description. A student leader of that organization will then be in touch with you regarding how they need an attorney's help in accomplishing their goals. Please note that, simply by indicating an interest in volunteering with a student group or by asking for information about them, you are not committing yourself to volunteer in any way. Also, if you do choose to volunteer, commitment time may range from very little to more extensive, depending on your availability.

Thank you so much for your time and your willingness to engage in pro bono service. If you have any questions about the Pro Bono Program at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, or about filling out the form below, simply contact for assistance.
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Advocacy Program Against Domestic Violence
The Advocacy Program Against Domestic Violence is devoted to preventing, and eliminating, domestic violence in Arizona. Members of the organization have the opportunity to meet with victims in domestic violence shelters and provide legal resources. The program also sponsors a resource hotline for victims of domestic violence, which is available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Advocacy Program Against Domestic Violence?
Business Legal Assistance Program
The Business Legal Assistance Program provides entrepreneurs with limited resources and small businesses with information and advice regarding their legal issues. Students and volunteer attorneys meet with business-people and entrepreneurs once a month in a clinic-like setting to address their needs.

Business law covers a wide range of topics and volunteers may help answer questions about how to form a business, how to get a trademark or copyright, or many other issues that someone starting a new business or trying to operate a small business may face. Volunteers will have pre-prepared packets of information with appropriate phone numbers to call, websites to visit, and forms to fill out so people will easily be able to get their questions answered.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Business Legal Assistance Program?
Disability Law Project
The Disability Law Project (DLP) mission is to promote equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The DLP aims to inform individuals with disabilities of their legal rights, to provide them with resources, and to advise them on how to self-advocate.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Disability Law Project?
Homeless Legal Assistance Project (HLAP)
The Homeless Legal Assistance Project provides legal service to approximately 180 homeless people each year. Homeless Legal Assistance Project volunteers work with staff at the shelters to identify residents' legal needs. Students interview residents to screen their needs before presenting them to valley-wide attorney volunteers. Attorneys address the residents' concerns by providing advice, referring them to outside resources, or assigning research projects to the students. Volunteers follow up as needed to help the clients resolve their issues. The Homeless Legal Assistance project also provides non-legal assistance by sponsoring various food, clothing and necessity drives as well as other projects.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Homeless Legal Assistance Project?
Joel Shepard Family Law Assistance Program
Family Law/Domestic Relations Law is a very unique area of law. It is very emotional and comes up in many other legal areas, including criminal law and estate law. Some key topics within the area of Family Law are divorce, child support, adoptions, and child custody, just to name a few. The Family Law Assistance Program works with non-profit family-law related organizations, including Fresh Start Women's Foundation and Homeward Bound and also works with the Family Legal Assistance Project at the Maricopa County Superior Court. At these organizations, the pro bono work that FLAP student members will be doing consists of client intake, interviewing clients, performing legal research, and most importantly--getting hands-on experience within this field of law that students will probably not learn in law school.

The Joel Shepard Family Law Assistance Program volunteers can work with the Family Legal Assistance Program (FLAP) which provides assistance to individuals who are representing themselves in family court matters such as paternity, child support, divorce, and custody. FLAP has offices in the Phoenix and Mesa courthouses, which are open from 9:00-12:00 and 1:30-4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Students are encouraged to volunteer at either location and for any time increment that their and FLAP's schedules permit.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Joel Shepard Family Law Assistance Program?
Juvenile Legal Assistance Program (JLAP)
Our mission is to join with attorneys in the community to provide services for those who need assistance when dealing with legal conflicts surrounding children and juveniles while allowing students to further their interest in public service and juvenile law.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Juvenile Legal Assistance Program?
Liberty Project
Dedicated to the preservation of reproductive rights and sexual health, the Liberty Project is a think tank made up of young lawyers, law students and other interested people. Our mission is to join students with community leaders to work for the protection of reproductive rights including sexual education, contraception, abortion, and access to clinics such as Planned Parenthood. We work to produce draft documents for future legislation, to provide research for the use of clinics, and to educate the community about reproductive rights. Please see our webpage for more information about current events and projects.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Liberty Project?
Marshall-Brennan Moot Court
Marshall-Brennan Moot Court law students volunteer to coach local high school students to compete in local and national high school moot court competitions.
Would you be interested in volunteering with the Marshall-Brennan Moot Court?
Law Students for Veterans Legal Issues
Provide legal consultations to Veterans for assistance with a variety of legal matters.
Would you be interested in volunteering with Law Students for Veterans Legal Issues?
Wills for Heroes
The Arizona State University Wills for Heroes Organization assists the now nationwide Wills for Heroes organization draft wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for first responders in Arizona. Student volunteers have a great opportunity to gain practical experience with estate planning and client counseling while acting as witnesses and shadowing valley attorneys. Events are held on Saturdays throughout the year (typically once per month).

Anatomy of a Wills For Heroes Program
The Wills for Heroes program is unlike many other clinic or pro bono legal programs because we bring the program to the first responders’ doorstep. Working with department coordinators, the Wills for Heroes program provides this free service by bringing together first responders with attorneys, notaries and witnesses at a department station, training facility or headquarters on a predetermined event date, usually a Saturday. The department’s sole responsibilities are to provide the meeting space and coordinate the appointments.

In advance of the Wills for Heroes event, participants download and complete an estate planning questionnaire (compiled by estate planning experts in each state). Receiving the questionnaire ahead of time is an important step in this process because it allows participants to think through a number of important decisions and discuss them with their spouse, partner, or other trusted friends.

Upon arrival at the Wills for Heroes event, the first responder signs in and executes a disclaimer. The participant is assigned to an attorney who reviews the questionnaire and inputs the information from the questionnaire into laptops loaded with the document assembly software platform HotDocs® by LexisNexis. The attorney reviews the draft estate planning documents with the first responder participant to insure that each person understands and agrees to what they are executing. Once finalized, the documents are signed, witnessed and notarized in a formal signing ceremony. On average, it takes about an hour to complete the estate planning documents. The Wills for Heroes program does not keep a copy of the participant’s documents or information.
Would you be interested in volunteering with Wills for Heroes?
Courtworks is an educational outreach program designed to teach middle school students about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Supreme Court cases, and the legal profession in a fun and interactive way. As part of the program, law students conduct classroom visits to teach students how to analyze a fact pattern and formulate an argument. The current curriculum focuses on the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures as it relates to the everyday experiences of the students. During the classroom visit, the law students also have the chance to talk to the middle school students about going to college and why education is so important. In the fall, Court Works provides students the opportunity to conduct a mock trial of the case they studied.
Would you be interested in volunteering with Courtworks?
Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists
Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists (VLAA) is a pro bono organization that aims to help local artists of all genres with their legal issues. The purpose of VLAA is to provide indigent and low-income artists with legal services, including, general legal guidance, legal assistance on specific issues, and referrals. Students participate in outreach events and clinics, drafting proposed legislation, issue spotting through interviewing, and attending local art events like First Fridays and art festivals.
Would you be interested in volunteering with Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists?
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