PRE-SALE: JACS Addresses
This form is used to white-list your interest in JACS public Crowdfund and to request purchase of JACS global Internet addresses.

The allocated JACS addresses will be on their final form; where the 'AFI' part of the address is set to 'FF' (indicating Geo-enabled) and the 'IDI' part is non-zero and equivalent to the corresponding country code. (i.e. 0044 for the UK)

For more details; Please refer to:

JACS White Paper,
JACS Token Purchase Agreement,

Upon receiving your request, you will receive your JACS addresses over email.

Upon conclusion of the Public Crowdfund, you will receive your JACS tokens equivalent to your investment (with 1JACS Token = US$0.08).
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For Pre-Sale; how much do you intend to invest in JACS Addresses?
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Payment Methods
Please provide the Ethereum wallet address that you wish to link your JACS addresses to and receive your JACS tokens *
If you don't have an Ethereum Wallet, please watch this video:
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