Club Feedback - Help Direct 2014
We're looking to make 2014 a great year for us, and we want to involve your thoughts and opinions.
In this survey we'll be asking about the past events we've done, and what you'd like to see this year and beyond.

We'll start with various things we've tried before, how well did they do? Would you like to see them again?

If you didn't participate in a past event, please leave that section blank.
$50 Gas Raffle
We've tried this twice with varying results. The ultimate goal of the raffle was to raise money for the club to have future events.
Was the gas raffle a good idea?
Horrible Idea
Great Idea
Clear selection
Should we do it again?
Comments about the gas raffle
Bi-Weekly Meets (SubaruSaturday)
We've had bi-weekly meets in the past at various locations, but the bulk of 2013 was spent in the Lowe's parking lot in Essex Junction.
Did you enjoy the bi-weekly meets?
Not at all
Super fun
Clear selection
Is there anything to change about the bi-weekly meets?
Other thoughts about the meets?
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