Thanksgiving Host Application Thursday, November 28, 2019
Hosting 2 or more international students/scholars during the Thanksgiving meal is a wonderful way to love your neighbor!

Here are the guidelines for hosting:

All hosts will take at least 2 students. The students may be from any of the 80 countries represented at area universities. The hosts will provide transportation for students to and from the university unless the students indicate otherwise. The hosts will set the time parameters (when to pick up, when to eat, when to bring students back). If you are matched with students, you will be emailed a "Thanksgiving Hosting Guide" that will include details you need to know for this event.

If you have other questions, please email Bridges at

We encourage local families to continue their traditions! You don't need to change what you do just because you have international students as guests for Thanksgiving. Show them how YOUR family celebrates the holiday!

The deadline to apply is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15th. This provides ample time for placements to be made and for you to connect with your student(s) before the holiday.
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