Inspire Madison Region Employer Registration Form
Thank you for registering your company with Inspire Madison Region. Keep in mind that Inspire is undergoing updates and will be released sometime in October. As soon as the updates are complete, you will be able to access your profile!

By completing and submitting this form you will create a profile for your company as well an account for yourself. Through that account, you can access your company/organization profile and also offer online career coaching for your career area(s), offer Career-based Learning Experiences and send company messages to students and educators about your organization's career or education-related topics and programs.
If you plan to serve as an Online Career Coach, offer any Career-based Learning Experiences, or send company messages, you give your permission for a background check to be conducted. By completing the form below, you authorize (a) (“BGC”) to request information about you from any public or private information source; (b) anyone to provide information about you to BGC; (c) BGC to provide Madison Region Economic Partnership one or more reports based on that information. BGC will investigate your criminal record and driving record. You acknowledge that a fax, image, or copy of this authorization is as valid as the original. You make this authorization to be valid for as long as you are an applicant or employee with us. By completing this document you also acknowledge the receipt of the attached disclosure form:

We will obtain these reports through a consumer reporting agency. Our consumer reporting agency is (“BGC”). BGC’s address is P.O. Box 353, Chapin, SC 29036. BGC’s telephone number is (866) 265-6602. BGC’s website is, where you can find information about whether BGC’s international privacy practices.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act” is attached here to this authorization. If you are a New York applicant, a copy of New York’s law on the use of criminal records is attached. By completing the form below, you acknowledge receipt of these documents:
Once your background check is complete, we will build your profile in the system using the information you provide in this form. If for some reason we are not able to activate you as a career coach based on results of the background checks, we will notify you and include the reason why. If you don't require a background check, then we'll build your profile without one but you won't have access to some of Inspire's most powerful tools. Others in your organization can sign up for any of the activities that require a background check under your company name, however. When your profile is ready (allow up to 14 business days) you will receive an email notification with log in instructions so that you can view the profile. Remember, you can make changes to your profile anytime you'd like! In addition, once your company is active in the system, other employees can register as "Online Career Coaches" by clicking on and then clicking on "Register Now as a Career Coach!".

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time, with any questions or concerns. Our staff is here to help you make this a rewarding experience for both you and our partner schools/students!

Adrian Crabb
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