Spiritual Formation Inventory
Purpose: To help you see where Christ is growing you as His disciple at TFC, & to help church leadership in ministry planning and accountability.

To complete: Please consider and respond to the following statements that reflect how we know we are moving together into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ.

For best results, try not to overthink the statements as you answer––your first and quickest response is usually the most authentic.

1 Almost never true
2 Seldom true
3 True about half the time
4 Often true
5 Almost always true

I am becoming more aware of my hunger for Christ and how He is nourishing me.
Worship with my church family impacts the way I live each week.
I meet Christ daily in the Word and prayer.
I am growing in gratitude and the people around me know about it.
I surrender my anxiety to Christ and know his peace.
I am becoming more fully seen and known at TFC.
I am growing in the freedom to be more vulnerable with others.
I am seeing and knowing others at TFC more fully.
When I see a guest at church, I seek to meet them and follow up with them later.
Injustice in the world causes me pain.
I choose to actively share in the joy and suffering of others.
I take steps toward cultivating peace with those in conflict with me.
I initiate conversations to share the love of Christ with those different from me.
I intentionally engage with my neighbors.
I put Christ first in how I steward my money and my time.
My idea of “the good life” is changing to honor Christ more than comfort or avoiding pain.
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