2019 State Judge Reimbursement Request
State Judges who are from regions outside the Houston area can request hotel and mileage reimbursement. The rates and conditions for reimbursement are described below.

If you have any concerns or special needs not covered in this policy, please contact the Tournament Directors at info@txodyssey.org.

Please fill out this form to request reimbursement for judge/official related expenses at the State Tournament.

OPTION A: Submit form by March 31, 2019. You will receive an emailed copy of your submitted form by April 2; and then

* Submit receipts by Officials' Check-in or Volunteer check-in at the State tournament by 10:00 am,
you can pick-up your reimbursement check between 2 and 4 pm on-site from the Volunteer Desk at the
school Main Entrance.

* Submit receipts before the Association Meeting on Sunday to pick-up your receipt after end of meeting.

OPTION B: Submit any time after March 31 but before April 30th, 2019, by hand or by mail. Get reimbursement by mail.

OotM Officials indicates a) Judges who serve on tournament day whether they are in scoring positions or not; and b) Tournament Officials. School Officials travelling with teams do not qualify as OotM Officials for reimbursement purposes.

Odyssey-Texas will reimburse a state judge for actual hotel and gas expenses up to the current year maximum allowance as follows:
Officials attending the state tournament only are reimbursed for Friday night only. Officials staying for the State Board meeting Sunday morning are reimbursed for two nights.

The maximum hotel reimbursement rate per night includes tax and is based on rooming with another judge at the State Judges Hotel. To receive this rate you will have to reserve a room by the cut-off date. Other room charges, such as movies, phone calls, and food are your responsibility. Please remember to submit an actual hotel receipt with all specific
charges listed.

2019 State tournament Hotels:
1. Best Western Waller, 19720 Stokes Rd. Waller TX
2. La Quinta Cypress, 27130 Hwy. 290, Cypress, TX 77429
3. Hotel Holiday Inn Express, 31380 Farm to Market 2920, Waller, TX 77484.
You do not have to stay at a designated tournament hotel to claim reimbursement. However the reservation needs to show your name or your spouse name and the hotel must be paid in dollars (not points). You can still be reimbursed up to the current year maximum allowance ($55.67 per night).

You may room by yourself or with a person who is not a judge, but you will still only be reimbursed for $55.67 per night, maximum (half basic room rate plus tax).

If you do not stay at the judge hotel or reserve after the deadline, you may request reimbursement of $55.67 or the amount of half the room rate + tax, whichever is less.

Gas will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.14 per mile ONLY if your mileage is at least 150 miles EACH WAY. Please include a Google or Mapquest map as mileage documentation with your home or school as the origin and Waller High School as the destination (one page high level map with distance shown). Please try to carpool and submit only one request for reimbursement per car.

To receive reimbursement, you must turn in your reimbursement request form and hotel receipt/mileage map at the state tournament judge check-in Saturday or at the state board meeting on Sunday. All reports MUST be submitted to the treasurer no later than April 30, 2019.

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