GTSC COVID-19 Monitor Form
This form must be filled out prior to getting into a car to go to the lake.

Reminder: Georgia Tech Sailing Club has established the following rules and guidelines governing participation in club activities during the pandemic:

Face coverings are required for all activities.
All on campus meetings are now virtual.
Georgia Tech Sailors are not permitted to use the LLSC Clubhouse.
Sanitation equipment has been provided in the shed and should be used to wipe down high contact surfaces before and after use.
No food will be served by the Georgia Tech Sailing Club.
No more than two people should be in each row of a vehicle when riding to the lake.
Members are encouraged to only sail with the people that ride in the same car.
Maintain 6 ft distance between all persons when possible.
Follow all boat maximum occupancy restrictions.
Full Rules Document:

This form is editable after you submit and not all questions are required to accommodate changes in your plan and allow you to provide the most accurate information you can. Please take care in completing this form so we can provide better safety and notification of potential contact for all of our club members.

Note: None of your personal information will be shared with anyone else in the event of contact notifications. Any contact notification from GTSC will be of the format: 'On your lake trip on mm/dd/yyyy, you may have come into contact with someone who has tested positive or shown symptoms of COVID-19 within two weeks of your trip to the lake.'

If you find out that you tested positive within 2 weeks of your trip to the lake, please contact a member of the executive board. You can do so through slack DMs or by emailing
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