Pioneer Academy Elective Course Selection Form 2019-2020
Dear incoming K-4th Grade Students and Parents,

Pioneer Academy offers three world languages to K-8th grades. We also offer other elective courses as listed below;

~Grades K-4: Students take one of the languages out of Turkish and Arabic or Elective Reading & Writing.
~Grades 3-4: Students can take the Gifted and Talented Art Course; "Beyond the Palette". BY INVITATION ONLY!

Note: The Spanish Language will be taught mandatory to every student from 1st-grade through 8th grade at Pioneer Academy.

WHAT IS NEW UPCOMING YEAR? Starting next year we will be adding gifted and talented programs in fine arts and music. We are starting with Gifted and Talented Art Program, "Beyond the Palette" next year. Students will only attend with an invitation to these courses. Those who show outstanding performance in Art will be invited. In the following years, we will add music and programming courses. If your child has received an invitation from Ms. Van Duyne and you'd like your child to attend "Beyond the Palette" Program, please chose that in the form. Otherwise, please choose your child's other favorite elective classes.

The assignment of teaching staff for the upcoming school year will be based on the data gathered from course selection. The number of students requesting each course will determine which courses will be offered and the number of teachers needed to teach these courses.

Therefore, students and parents should plan and select their courses carefully.

At the beginning of the year, students will have 2 weeks of add/drop period if they like to change their electives. After two weeks, students will continue with their choice of course until the end of the year.
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