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We are a group of occupational, physio and speech and language therapists practicing in the United Kingdom. We are inviting you to take part in our research study. Before you decide if you would like to participate, we would like to give you some more information explaining why this research is taking place.
Please visit this link to read full information for parents :
It is your responsibility to read this before proceeding with completing this form.

In summary:
- The purpose of this research, which is being done in countries across the globe, is to test children who are typically developing on tests that measure sensory and motor functions.
- Testing typically developing children will allow for comparison to children who are demonstrating problems in these areas.
- As part of this International Normative Data Collection Project, we are recruiting typically developing children, ages 3 years to 12 years 11 months, who are representative of the population of the British isles.
- The normative data collection project will help us to know how typically developing children register, process and integrate sensory information for use.

Please note:
1. Parents will not receive any data or feedback from therapists about their child’s participation in this study.
2. Data collected will not be able to be used to identify any sensory or other related difficulties.
3. The study is strictly confidential. The data will be processed as part of the International Normative Data Collection (INDC) and will be merged with data from across the British Isles and across the globe.
4. All data will be kept completely confidential and no personal information such as your name or child’s name will be stored in the data sets on RedCap online or in any publications.

Inclusion criteria: (as identified by FLI-Q, SDQ, ACO and PI)
1. Aged 3 years 0 months to 12 years 11 months on the first day of testing
2. Are developing and performing within age expectations
3. Have no known medical, educational, mental health, or other developmental concerns
4. Parental consent and child assent is obtained

Exclusion criteria: (as identified by FLI-Q, SDQ, ACO and PI)
1. Have known medical, educational, mental health, or other developmental concerns
2. Have ever been identified as having Sensory Integration (SI) concerns by an SI trained occupational therapist (OT),
physical therapist (PT) or speech and language pathologist (SLT)

Have been diagnosed, referred for, or have received therapy services for any of the following, or similar conditions:
1. learning disorders
2. autism
3. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
4. speech and language delays
5. regulatory issues
6. hypotonia
7. developmental coordination disorder

Have disabilities such as:
1. neurological disorders, including traumatic brain injury
2. cerebral palsy
3. spina bifida
4. spinal cord injuries
5. significant cognitive defects (defined as IQ score less than 70 or diagnosed with a developmental delay or cognitive
6. visual or hearing impairments, or other conditions which include symptoms of sensory or motor impairments

Parental consent and child assent is not obtained

PLEASE NOTE: For the purposes of normative data collection, children who have siblings with any of the above exclusion criteria will also be excluded

Please visit this link to read fuller information for parents :

Please do see area/county map for England at

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We will be hosting EASI parties with groups of therapists in regions joining together to test young people in their local area. If you are on a border or happy to travel to participate in another region please note this also. [EASI Testing Regions are defined by EU NUTS -]. Please do see area/county map for England at
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Please note testing in all areas may not be possible or viable. Venue and volunteer tester availability will determine venue choice for this unfunded study.
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