Referral for the JCYC

An appropriate JCYC youth referral must be a first-time offender, have no other offenses pending before the Hudson County Superior Court, and must not currently be on probation, parole, home detention, or other court-ordered disposition. Like other youth court programs nationally, the JCYC does not accept matters involving offenses of a sexual nature or respondents who self- identify as gang members. The JCYC also does not accept violations of New Jersey’s Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation (Title 39) or matters that would be handled by the Family Crisis Intervention Unit (including status offenses such as curfew violations and running away).

The JCYC does not accept referrals for matters that must be reported to law enforcement as per the Uniform State Memorandum of Agreement between Education and Law Enforcement Officials and/or the Attorney General Guidelines for Stationhouse Adjustment of Juvenile Delinquency Offenses.

The following types of conduct are, generally, appropriate for referral to the JCYC:

- The use of offensive or coarse language;
- The use of language intended to annoy or alarm;
- Offensive touching (i.e. striking, kicking, shoving) or the threat of offensive touching in a manner that does not result in serious or significant bodily injury;
- Acts intended to demean or degrade any person or group of persons but do not qualify as a bias crime;
- Acts intended to cause someone reasonable fear of emotional or physical harm;
- Fighting where the harm does not result in serious or significant bodily injury;
- Acts intended to cause bodily harm to others;
- Disorderly conduct;
- Disruption;
- Defacement and/or destruction of property where damage caused is less than $500;
- Presence on the property of another without permission or authority;
- Theft of property, including from money, from a place or person;
- Smoking in a public park or school; and
- Accepting services without paying for them.

Please contact the JCYC at (201) 209-6735 (office) or (201) 232-7501 (cell) or (email) if you need assistance determining if a matter is appropriate for referral.

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