Class Assessment - MCHS Social Studies
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The instructor clearly presented the material to be learned. *
The instructor made the elements of good writing clear. *
The instructor clearly indicated times during the day that he/she was available to let you do make-up work and re-take of tests. *
The instructor provided meaningful feedback on your work. *
The instructor's grading was fair. *
The instructor indicated a concern for the success of all students in the classroom. *
The instructor provided opportunities for class participation. *
The instructor provided a diverse style of instruction to match different learning styles. *
The instructor provided an environment that was conducive to learning. (Friendly, quiet, orderly) *
The instructor was organized in a way that helped you to learn. *
The course developed your ability to read and think critically. *
The course gave you a deeper insight into the topics studied. *
The course prepared you for more advanced college classes. *
The course was academically challenging. *
Overall, the course was a good learning experience. *
As a student, I feel that I did my very best this semester. *
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