Super Fun Screenprinting Birthday
Tell me more about your party idea! Let's see if we can make this work.
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How many partiers will there be? I have added my typical fees for a standard party with 20 screens and unlimited paint & flags. *
A 2 hr moms & kids party with the Peace Screens collection, pizza, and wine!
Do you want to explore custom screen options? Screens can be kept forever or just used on the day of. Prices vary depending on design complexity, screen size, and length of use. Standard screen fee is $70 (take home screen). Designs must be submitted at least two weeks before the party. *
We will need tables for our party! How many do you have kicking around? *
Do you want to invite parents too? (totally ok with me if its a mixed adult/kid party)
Do you want to consider extra printables for spontaneous ideas? We can figure out logistics later.
Do your partiers require accomodations?
I offer a sliding scale to allow participation from all backgrounds. This means that I want to make this sustainable for both me and you and the greater community. Please consider what feels generous to you. If you would like to give a little more, or a little less, it balances out in the end.
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