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I offer my sessions at $105/hr CAD for individuals. My rate for couples/multiple partners is $125/hr CAD. Are you an individual or wanting to see me with multiple people? *
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Do you agree to a 24-hr cancellation policy wherein if you cancel within a 24 hour period of your session, you will still be charged for that session? *
I am passionate about integrity and confidentiality. All information shared is kept confidential unless you are going to harm yourself or another. In that case, Tanille will help you find further support that you need. Do you understand? *
All of Tanille's Intimacy Coaching Sessions are talk and resource based, no physical touch will happen. Do you understand that? *
Thank you for filling these questions out to your best ability. The next step, if it hasn't already happened, is to set up a 15 min consult phone call to ensure that us working together will be a good fit. Please request a time here:
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Please let me know if you have any further questions, concerns, or inspirations. I look forward to connecting! If you want more information please check out my website at:
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