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Jyotindra Zaveri has been teaching and practising scientific Meditation for over Fifteen years. Conducted many meditation Shibirs, especially for working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, students, and senior citizens. He is an IT professional with 47 years of experience. Former working in IBM trained in Germany. Age 70.
He has conducted hundreds of training sessions in India, Dubai and the USA, especially for working professionals, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, and students. Hundreds of people have benefited from his Scientific Meditation practices. Amazing results are achieved in curing diseases, especially anger management, insomnia, psychosomatic diseases. To acquire virtues such as improving willpower, patience, tolerance, etc. The term psychosomatic refers to physical diseases that are influenced by the mind and emotions rather than a specific organic cause in the body.
Total eleven hours (1+10).  
One-to-one consultation:  Ten hours. ₹ 3000/- per hour. The first one hour is complimentary.  After the first session, the participant may decide to go ahead and pay 30K.  Total 1+10 = 11 sessions of one hour each.
Ten sessions  ₹ 30,000/-  

WHEN? This can be done on an alternate day or with two days gap at a mutually convenient time.
Option 2: GROUP Meditation workshop:  10+1 = 11 hours. Online (on Zoom) Or in-person.

FIRST INTRO SESSION IS FREE for the group. TEN hours.   ₹ 30,000/-   To be paid in advance after the first intro session. Ten people it will be  ₹ 3,000/- per person.  Group of 15 people  ₹ 2,000/- per person.

WHEN? Total ten hours can be two sessions of five hours, (e.g. Sat/Sun) or 5 sessions of 2 hours. Your group organiser can decide mutually convenient dates and times.  
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DO NOT HESITATE TO WHATSAPP for any clarification  +91 95529846949.
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