Enable Blank Noise To Enable All Women/ Persons To Walk. Talk. Move. Live In. Freedom From Fear. Akeli Awaara Azaad! Donate towards the production of 2000 t shirts for 2000 Action Heroes.
Akeli Awaara Azaad ( hindi written in english ) translating as On My Own, Unattached/ Wanderer, Free.

Action Hero Ananya , a proud owner of an Akeli Awaara Azaad tee, says " I feel fearless and liberated , like I can live by my own conditions and not those set my someone else, I don't hesitate before taking a crowded bus, or walking down a lonely street. I feel like I can overcome anything. I feel unstoppable, and I say this loud and clear I am Akeli, I am Awaara, I am Azaad."

Enable Blank Noise make more women step into their power, as Action Heroes. Support the production of 2000 t shirts in
in 4 languages ( hindi, urdu, english and kannada) , for women across India and beyond. Your generous donations will help cover the cost of production, marketing and distribution.

English (500) and Hindi (500) and Kannada (500) and Urdu (500).

Funding goal Rs.8,00,000/
Number of t shirts : 2000

In deep gratitude for your support,
Blank Noise Team

Here's how the funding model works:
A donation of Rs. 5000 - 10,000/ brings you your very own AAA tshirt

Every donation of Rs. 20,000/ brings you your Action Hero tee, and also gifts a tee shirt one to a person/ Action Hero who would like to own her Action Hero self too, but may not have the resources to purchase it. Because we believe that everybody deserves to be fearless and free.

Similarly, a donation of:
Rs. 30,000/ would meaning 3 shirts, one for you, and two for 2 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 40,000/ would meaning 4 shirts, one for you, and three for 3 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 50,000/ would meaning 5 shirts, one for you, and four for 4 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 60,000/ would meaning 6 shirts, one for you, and five for 5 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 70,000/ would meaning 7 shirts, one for you, and six for 6 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 80,000/ would meaning 8 shirts, one for you, and seven for 7 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 90,000/ would meaning 9 shirts, one for you, and eight for 8 new Action Heroes.
Rs. 100,000/ would meaning 10 shirts, one for you, and nine for 9 new Action Heroes as well as a limited edition Blank Noise archival print!

For further Information of the cost please see the link below:

*** Please Note: Blank Noise was registered as a charitable trust in November 2015 and its 80G tax exemption certificates (certificates that grant donor and donee tax exemption) are being processed.
80G certificates for any donation will be sent as soon as possible, and we will confirm the receipt of any donation immediately. We are grateful for the financial support you offer. Your donation, is much appreciated.

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