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As a candidate for School Board, one of my top priorities is to have more open community conversations about our schools so more of our community can be involved in District discussions and decision making. Hearing your experiences helps make it possible to better understand how the Board and District can better support your student(s) and family.

Your voice deserves to be in the room and I want to help get it there.

Note: in order to best respond to your input, I do need to ask if you live in, have a child in, or are a student in the Shoreline School District. I would also like to be able to reach out to you. I will not share your name or identifiable information unless I ask and you grant specific permission for me to do so. I may use the information to share patterns of responses--for example: 50% of people taking this survey said "X" was a top priority.

Thank you for sharing your experiences , needs, and hopes for ways to further improve our schools with me! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you so much for offering your experiences, hopes, and priorities!

For more information about me or my campaign please visit my website or follow me on Facebook at

Sara Betnel, Candidate for Shoreline School Director, District 5
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