JHHS Webinar Quiz - Section 2 - JHHS AIA Contract Change Order Language
In the following 5 question self-test, please read each question and all of the possible answers carefully, then choose the answer that best corresponds to the points made during the webinar.
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1. In the JHHS modified AIA contract documents,the term Architect also refers to any engineer engaged by the Owner, or, if no architect or engineer is engaged by the Owner, the Owner shall have the rights and authority of the Architect. *
2. The Owner (JHHS) may by Construction Change Directive, without invalidating the Contract, order changes in the work within the general scope of the Contract consisting of additions, deletions,or other revisions, the contract Sum and and Contract time being adjusted accordingly. A Construction Change Directive shall be used in the absence of total agreement on the terms of a Change Order. *
3. A Construction Change Directive issued by the Owner and signed by the Contractor indicates the Contractor's agreement therewith. Such agreement after being signed by the Architect shall be effectively immediately and shall be recorded as a Change Order. *
4. One option available in connection with a Construction Change Directive is to request the Contractor to keep and present in such form as the Architect and Owner may prescribe, an itemized accounting of the actual allowable costs incurred as the change directive work is performed *
5. In Article 13.8 of the JHHS A201 contract document, the Right to Audit clause gives the Owner the right to audit the Contractor and Subcontractor's records and documents.... Article 13.8.2 states that "All Change Order Costs shall be subject to audit by the Owner". *
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