2019 Student Organizations Form
Hello Student Interest Group (SIG) Leaders!

Thank you for all the hard work and efforts you put forth throughout the year. There have been some really incredible events, and I'm excited to see what you all have planned for the fall!

We're getting ready for the Class of 2023, and that includes our 2019 SIG Fair and a new publication, the SIG Guide to our many wonderful organizations on campus. To have your student organization included in the SIG Guide and at the SIG Fair, please fill out this form by Friday, May 24th.


Thanks again!

Please contact Zoe Moyer <moyerze@vcu.edu> with any questions or concerns.

Full Name of Organization *
Naming must adhere to school policy, e.g., use "SIG at VCU" instead of "VCU SIG."
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I am the designated submitter for this organization. *
To avoid duplicates in submission, please submit this form ONLY ONCE for your group. Please coordinate with your co-leaders as appropriate.
The mission of this organization primarily relates to: *
Groups with related missions will be assigned tables together as much as possible.
Organization Email Address *
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Organization Website
Optional: Answer only if your group has a website separate from the school website.
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Description of Organization for 2019 SIG Guide (please include a list and number of all student leadership positions) *
Descriptions may include the organization's mission, events, and perks not included at the bottom of this form. Student leadership positions should be listed after the group description along with the number of people filling the role, e.g., "1 President, 2 VPs, 1 Treasurer." Group name, website, and email need not be included in the description. (Maximum: 500 characters)
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Faculty Adviser's Name
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Faculty Adviser's Email
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Student Leader #1 Name & Position *
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Student Leader #1 VCU Email *
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Student Leader #2 Name & Position
Optional: Answer only if there are multiple leaders you would like listed (max 3).
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Student Leader #2 VCU Email
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Student Leader #3 Name & Position
Optional: Answer only if there are multiple leaders you would like listed (max 3).
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Student Leader #3 VCU Email
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M1 Organization Fair Sign-up *
Will your group be participating in the 2019 Student Organization Fair?
Name(s) and email(s) of volunteer(s) to help with setup and/or breakdown of the SIG Fair
We're looking for 2 volunteers per floor to be the point people for the floor to oversee and direct the student leaders to assigned locations. Floor and table assignments will be announced closer to the date of the event. Very chill and low-key, and VERY greatly appreciated! Please leave the name(s) below:
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Requests for the SIG Fair (please state reason)
*All requests will be considered but are not guaranteed* Each group will be provided with a table, 2 chairs, and a small sign with the group name that will be taped to the front of your respective table. Please only request to be near an outlet if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. (Please plan to have your electronics fully charged as outlets are very limited).
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List of perks available at SIG Fair
Please list any perks you will have available at your table, such as free membership to your state and national organizations, free swag, etc., that you would like included in the 2019 SIG Guide. (Maximum: 200 characters)
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Is your organization a member of the Advocacy Coalition?
Please check this box to add the Advocacy Coalition logo to your table on the SIG Fair map. Please contact Kim Bond at <kbond3@vcu.edu> with any questions about this coalition and SIG member responsibilities.
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