National Tertiary EfS Network Feedback
Importance of an overarching tertiary national EfS network *
How important is membership of a national tertiary EfS network to you?
Not important
Very important
Current networks
Do you participate in any other sustainability-related networks? If so, please list and indicated whether they are discipline-based or cross-disciplinary.
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Purposes of a national network *
What do you see as the main purposes of a national network of tertiary sustainability educators? Please tick three that are most important to you.
Enhancing your work *
Briefly outline how you think participation in a national tertiary EfS network might enhance your work.
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Network participation *
Please indicate the ways in which you would like to participate in a national tertiary EfS network. You can choose more than one.
Website *
Please indicate the ways in which you anticipate using a national tertiary EfS practitioner website.
October 15th Symposium *
How useful was the October 15th symposium for you? Please select one response.
Symposium Outcomes
Please briefly explain your answer to the previous question and outline what you gained from the symposium (if anything).
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How effective was the online Zoom tool for the national symposium on October 15th?
Very effective
Improving Zoom as a Tool for network communication
Please briefly outline any ways in which you think the use of Zoom (or alternative technology) could be improved for future networking.
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Other Comments
Please add any other comments about the network or the symposium that you think will be helpful in developing a national network.
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