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A few questions to assess your goals, what you like/don't like, level etc. to help our trainers in designing a programme for you. Please answer as best and honestly as you can. All information will be kept private and be used to match you to the appropriate trainer.
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Phone No.
Current training days (Gym & Outside Gym)? 
Include any physical activity. This can be walks, hikes, runs, cycle to work, pilates,etc. Anything outside of work that requires physical effort.
What is the primary fitness goal(s)? *
How much experience have you with resistance training?
In what environment were you taking part in this resistance training?
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What type of gym and bodyweight exercises do you enjoy (Include favourites)?
What type of gym and bodyweight exercises do you NOT enjoy?
What are your personal barriers/challenges to physical exercise if any (injuries, health problems, habits, medications, etc.)?
Please outline injury history and detail any injuries you feel we should know about. *
Is there anything else you feel that I should know?
Is your job physically demanding? If yes please give some detail on the nature of your work. 
What is your preferred times for personal training and how many times per week? (Days and Times) *
Have you specific preferences for a personal trainer e.g. Gender, Age, Sporting background, etc.
How many days would you be looking to do PT a week?
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Are you looking for 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 training? *
We may look to group you with people in small group PT sessions, would this be ok with you? *
Thanks for completing the questions, we are looking forward to starting you on your journey with The Workshop Health & Fitness!
All the best,
The Workshop Health & Fitness team
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