Workshop Facilitator Proposal - Yukon Girls Rock Camp
Are you passionate about a subject or issue and want to share that knowledge with youth? What do you wish you knew when you were growing up? YGRC is seeking workshop proposals for our programs from individuals or partnering organizations.

Yukon Girls Rock Camp is a 6 day camp that aims to empower girls and gender non-conforming youth voices through rock music for healing, growth and change. The goal of Girls Rock Camps around the globe is to empower self-identifying girls* to take up historically male-dominated spaces - - like rock music.

In addition to learning an instrument, forming a band, and writing an original song to perform on the prestigious Dawson City Music Festival main stage, campers participate in a variety of workshops designed to build skills and confidence for a lifetime. Past workshops include:

- Women in Media - presentation and discussion of MissRepresentation documentary
- Women Who Rock - history of women in music
- Gender and Style - using fashion to express yourself
- Blanket Exercise - exploration of colonialism and indigenous people in Canada
- Being a Community Rockstar - how to be supportive of marginalized people in our communities
- DIY activism - planning a show that benefits your community
- GNorth! - Northern girls who rock!
- Postering and Promotion
- Represent Yourself - how to present yourself onstage and on social media
- Tech 101 - learning how to set up PAs and basic sound

The sky is the limit, as long as workshops are from an empowering, inclusive, and intersectional perspective.

Workshop Facilitators may be paid an honorarium (pending funding), and must work with camp organizers to plan an effective workshop (particularly if you haven't facilitated before!)

*girls include trans, 2 spirit and all gender-non conforming youth aged 8-18.

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Workshop Design
An effective workshop should facilitate self-directed learning through activities that encourage exploration and reflection, should avoid 'lecture-style' learning, and should encourage the discussion and ideas to come from the participants themselves. It's best to avoid having participants sit still listening for more than a few minutes. Remember - you are a 'facilitator' not a 'lecturer'!
Incorporating ice breakers, art, drawing, movement activities, and group breakouts is a great idea. We will be producing camper zines, so creating a page for a zine about or for your workshop would be a bonus, as would: band posters, buttons, t-shirts, etc.
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i.e. 5 minute ice breaker activity, 5 minutes to introduce the theme/topic, 10 minute group brainstorm. Max length is 50 minutes.
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