Clinic Attendee Registration Form
Harold Motor Sports' Fall/ Winter 2020 Dirt Bike Lessons
LOCATION: "The Land" 1835 Live Oak Dr. Jacksonville FL 32246
Lesson Attendee's Name *
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Has attendee previously trained with HMS? *
Has the attendee ever ridden a dirt bike? *
NEW: Attendee MUST bring their own protective gear. This includes Helmet, goggles, gloves, and chest protector. Check YES below to acknowledge this requirement. *
In addition to the required protective gear, attendees must wear dirt bike pants or jeans and boots or sneakers. Check YES to acknowledge this requirement. *
All people must wear masks within 6ft of another person. Check YES to acknowledge this requirement.
Will attendee be bringing their own dirt bike? *
If yes, what size/ kind of bike?
Please fill out this form AFTER registering for a private lesson via Eventbrite
A signed Track waiver & Covid-19 waiver must be brought to the start of the lesson. No participants will be allowed to ride without a signed waiver. This can be found on the Private Lessons page of our website
You will be required to wear a mask within 6ft of another person.
Please bring your own water/ gatorade, etc.
1 parent/guardian is required to attend lesson if the attendee is a minor
Sneakers or boots and jeans or dirt bike pants must be worn
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