Clinic Attendee Registration Form
Harold Motor Sports' Fall 2020 Dirt Bike Lessons
LOCATION: "The Land" 1835 Live Oak Dr. Jacksonville FL 32246
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What DATE is your Private Lesson? *
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Has attendee previously trained with HMS? *
Has the attendee ever ridden a dirt bike? *
NEW: Attendee MUST bring their own protective gear. This includes Helmet, goggles, gloves, and chest protector. Check YES below to acknowledge this requirement. *
In addition to the required protective gear, attendees must wear dirt bike pants or jeans and boots or sneakers. All people must wear masks within 6ft of another person. Check YES to acknowledge this requirement. *
Will attendee be bringing their own dirt bike? *
If yes, what size/ kind of bike?
Please fill out this form AFTER registering for a private lesson via Eventbrite
A signed Track waiver & Covid-19 waiver must be brought to the start of the lesson. No participants will be allowed to ride without a signed waiver. This can be found on the Private Lessons page of our website
You will be required to wear a mask within 6ft of another person.
Please bring your own water/ gatorade, etc.
1 parent/guardian is required to attend lesson if the attendee is a minor
Sneakers or boots and jeans or dirt bike pants must be worn
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