LFW Race Equity Grant - Advisory Panelist Application
LFW created the Race Equity Grant fund to build power within communities that have been historically overlooked within philanthropy and to combat the disparate outcomes that racism creates for people of color, particularly in the justice system. The advisory panel is crucial to providing insight into the challenges facing Washington’s communities of color and ensuring that LFW grants connect to those concerns.

At the conclusion of each grant review cycle, panelists will receive a stipend—$450 for panelists with lived experience and $300 for all others. We will have two grant review cycles per year, for a total stipend of $900 and $600, respectively.

Please visit our website for more information: https://legalfoundation.org/race-equity-grants/
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Why are you applying to become a member of the Race Equity Grant Advisory Panel? *
How will your experience and background help you evaluate Race Equity Grants? Do you have lived experience with the legal aid system, poverty, and racism? Please describe. *
Do you participate or lead any community organizations, groups, or coalitions? If so, please list your experiences and describe how they would inform your participation on this panel. *
Panel participation will consist of joining an online orientation, reviewing two cycles of race equity grant applications and attending two meetings to discuss applications and make recommendations to LFW. There may also be planning meetings and follow-up via email required. All meetings are currently virtual due to COVID-related health and safety measures. Terms are two years with an option for a second two-year term. Would you have any challenges fulfilling these commitments? Are there any accommodations you would need to participate? *
How did you hear about this opportunity? *
Thank you for your interest in the Race Equity Grant Advisory Panel! We are learning as we go and welcome questions, comments and feedback! LFW staff are also available to assist with applications, including the option of a phone interview. Please let us know if you have any questions, need support or an accommodation. We will follow up with you if we have any additional questions. Decisions concerning panel appointments will be made by early February.
If you have any questions, please contact LFW Grants Coordinator, Christal Chiu Lokker - christal@legalfoundation.org.
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