Cyber Security Entry Level Survey
Below is a short, 7 question survey to help prospective job candidates understand how they can be best prepared to work at your company. If you take the survey, we'll be sure to send you the results.

Thank you to Northeastern University's College of Computer and Information Science for collaborating with us on this effort.

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When hiring a cyber security professional at the entry level, which is most important? *
What level of education do you look for when hiring entry level cyber security professionals? *
How important are cyber security certifications (CISSP, CEH, Security+, etc.) when hiring an entry level cyber security professional? *
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Which of the following majors are best suited for an entry level cyber security professional? (Select 2) *
Which of the following concentrations within the cyber security domain is in the most demand today? (Select 3) *
Which of the following is the best starting role for a cyber security professional? (Select 3) *
What should an aspiring cyber security professional do today to help them land a job in cyber security? *
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