Lead Team Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in being part of our volunteer lead team. We are looking for women who are extraordinarily loving, empowering, and creative faith-based leaders.

BE SURE to read the job descriptions on our website, www.beautifulpurpose.com/leadteam, to see which position is right for you before applying.

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In exchange for serving as a volunteer or participant in an Beautiful Purpose service or event, I grant to Beautiful Purpose, it's legal representatives and assigns, the right and permission to use my publish photographic pictures, video, footage and sound recordings of me (the "Materials") during all related events, whether via print, digital, broadcast or in any other media and for any lawful purpose. I RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND AGREE TO HOLD BEAUTIFUL PURPOSE HARMLESS FROM ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY USE OF THE MATERIALS. Further, if I serve as a volunteer photographer/videographer/writer for Beautiful Purpose for any of its activities or events (the “Activity”), in exchange for my participation, I agree to assign all ownership in the photos/videos/content/creative materials created by me during the Activity (the “Materials”) to Beautiful Purpose for broadcast, publication or any lawful purpose through any media, at the organization sole discretion. I acknowledge that such Materials will be considered a “Work Made for Hire” as defined under U.S. Copyright Law. I further agree that I will not display, use, distribute or sell the Materials without permission from the Beautiful Purpose.I further certify that all the information entered above is true and accurate, and that by typing my email below it is equivalent to my signature.
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