HCRP Vacancy Committee Questions for Precinct Chair Candidates 2021-2022
You have been scheduled for a formal interview before the Harris County Republican Party Vacancy Committee.
In preparation for that interview please review the list of related questions below.
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First Name *
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Precinct Number *
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State Voter ID *
Who Recruited you to become a Precinct Chair?
Duties of a Precinct Chair - Training
What effort have you made to get training and become involved?
As a Precinct Chair will you attend training to learn how to organize your precinct? *
Will you take training to learn how to recruit, organize, and campaign in your precinct? *
Duties of a Precinct Chair - Elections
You must work your election or find someone to work your election. Can you do this? *
Do you agree to work, recruit, organize, and campaign in your precinct? *
How many hours per month do you anticipate actively promoting the Republican Party and candidates? *
What is your plan to turn out the vote? *
Do you understand the duties of an election judge? *
Are you willing to run all elections for your precinct? *
Duties of a Precinct Chair - General
Do you have the time, interest, and energy to serve? *
Are you moving or staying put? *
How well do you know your neighbors? (Scale of 1-5) *
What made you decide to be a Precinct Chair? *
What is your time availability to help with candidates? *
What previous involvement have you had in political and civic service? *
Provide one example of how your neighbors might explain that you currently promote the Republican Party. *
What effort have you made to get training and be involved? *
Have you ever donated to Planned Parenthood or supported that organization in any way? *
Have you ever supported any group or organization against the NRA? *
Have you ever done anything that would embarrass the party? (Explain) *
Support and Service
For individuals with strong Republican voting history who actively support Democrats for profit or otherwise: Are you willing to forego your support of democrats to fulfill this role? *
Give me one innovative way that you would promote a candidate. *
What are your three major issues facing our state/nation? *
Name your local TX & Harris County officials. *
Which Republicans have you supported and how? *
If you did not vote for President Trump, do you support him now? *
The Republican Party has ten guiding principles. Do you support: (1) marriage is between a man and a woman and (2) life begins at conception? *
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