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With your VIN, we can check dealer service history, confirm mileage, look for safety recalls and recommend additional maintenance. Your warranty is tied to your VIN.
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Have you checked Toyota service records for your VIN Join Now, Add your year and model and add your VIN.
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Battery Condition and Possible Core Charge *
We can't get batteries cheaper than anybody else. Our ability to offer batteries at this price is only possible because the majority of customer cores can be reconditioned and used for future customers. If your battery is a recondition or has been tampered with in any way, you may be subject to a $600 core charge. Should the battery be recoverable, you will receive a full or partial refund of the core charge within 30 days. Please note that we never want to do this, BUT some of the workmanship we've seen demands it moving forward.
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Indicate region/state of origin if known, i.e., where has the car spent most of its life.
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Please list any symptoms BESIDES warning lights, e.g., engine runs all the time, fan noise from back, power is down, won't start unless I unplug the 12V, etc.
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When was the 12V battery last replaced? *
A failing 12V can wreak havoc with the Prius. On rare occasions, it's the ONLY problem.
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If the car has been sitting for an extended period of time JUST PRIOR to this failure, please indicate how long below:
Extended periods of sitting (weeks to months) can contribute to both 12V and HV Battery failure.
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What is the battery gauge doing?
If you watch the battery meter, is it moving up and down quickly, always near the bottom, always charging, etc.
Is the cooling fan running?
An ailing battery will frequently run the cooling fan at full blast making you wonder what the heck is going on back there.
Has it been diagnosed at a dealer? *
Indicate yes/no or Auto Parts Store if you had codes read at an auto parts store.
Please list any codes given. *
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Do you know when your spark plugs were replaced?
We offer a maintenance package that includes new plugs, air filter with throttle body and MAF sensor cleaning for $150 inclusive.
Please indicate if you have problems with any of the following: *
The following items are common issues with the Prius, and PHB can offer repair or replacement during your battery installation appointment.
DANGER! A PRIUS CAN BURN OIL! (see description) *
A high mileage Prius has a tendency to consume oil and is at risk for permanent damage if neglected. This is true particularly as it approaches 200,000 miles, but it can be an issue at any point over 100,000 miles. It is critical to keep the oil level between the marks on the dipstick and to NEVER overfill or under-fill the oil as permanent and expensive engine damage may occur.
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