Nasal Swab Task Trainer - Pilot Program Set-up

Dr. Leigh Sowerby, Department of Otolayrngology
Dr. Sumit Agrawal, Department of Otolaryngology
Dr. Hanif Ladak, Department of Medical Biophysics

Study Organizer: Robert Koch, AHead Simulations
Product and Protocol Support: Jeremy Harman, AHead Simulations

AHead Simulations
Department of Electrical Engineering, Western University
Department of Medical Biophysics, Western University
Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Western University
London Health Sciences


AHead Simulations is a medical simulation company who currently develops and supplies patient simulators within the hearing aid industry and post-secondary educational institutes. Our current simulator involves a manikin head with patient-realistic ears and ear canals. We use an object tracking system mounted within the manikin’s head for an ‘inside view’ for object placement within the ear canal to provide a unique and valuable training experience.

With uncertainty regarding the efficacy of Nasopharyngeal swabs (or any other nasal swabs) and the need arising from discussions with relevant public health individuals, AHead Simulations has adapted our patient simulator for use as a nasal swab task trainer. This device will assist training of individuals responsible for conducting swabs on the frontlines of COVID-19 care. Under guidance and validation of the Department of Otolaryngology at Western University and London Health Science Center, an initial version of the simulator has been developed, validated, and is ready for a pilot validation study.


The purpose of this program is to assess the realism and the training potential of the task trainer in real world training scenarios (Face and Training Content Validity), while determining any potential benefits that the simulator may provide to future users. Feedback on the simulator will be gathered to determine any changes or optimization required before any large-scale implementation of the device.


You are invited to participate in a study evaluating a nasal swab task trainer. It is your choice to be in this protocol. The study will be conducted remotely (at your site location) with AHead Simulations providing all materials necessary for the study, as well as technical support and setup of relevant data collection.

If you agree to participate, we will ask you to use the nasal swab task trainer with the schedule provided within this survey to record data collection, survey results, and provide feedback to AHead Simulations. The study will be conducted over the course of approximately three weeks (from initial setup of the device, to completion of all study requirements) and will include as many nasal swab testers as possible at your location.


Participants who are responsible for nasal swabbing in any settings. We are seeking minimum participation of five participants per testing location. No experience is required, but the amount of experience must be clearly indicated at the conclusion of the study within the questionnaire. Use and and completion of the nasal swab training module will take approximately 15 minutes in total.


You will not receive a personal benefit from participating in this study but your participation may provide support or guide revisions or changes to the Nasal Swab Task Trainer before large-scale distribution. There are no known risks to participating in this study.
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