Sacred Waters Retreat Work Application Tennessee -2023
Please send a headshot before December 31st, 2022.  

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We look forward to working with you.

Iya Angelique "Sobande" Greer & Shana Nunnelly

Founding Directors

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2. Are you a minister, priest, priestess, devotee etc. If the answer is yes, how long? *
3. Do you have any special skills in your line of work that will be an asset to the mission & goals of Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. ? (ie. nurse, social worker, community organizer etc) *
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6. Why are you interested in working with this organization? *
Do you have any experience with ceremony/rituals (have you been a part of, conducted or assisted)? If yes, please explain briefly? *
13. How will you use the skills & information you gain from this conference? *
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15. What is the last thing you did that expanded the view of yourself, other people, and the world? *
16. Do you work better independently or with a group? Why? *
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18. Do you currently have or have previously been diagnosed or suspected of having any type of mental issues, conditions or challenges? This question applies even if you are not taking any medications. If yes, briefly tell us. *
19. Would you consider yourself dependable and on-time, or dependable but sometimes late? Other? *
20. Do you have any physical limitations or health issues that we should know about? Especially if it will slow the progress of your job function. *
21. Do you have transportation or will you carpool to the conference? *
22. If your application is not accepted this year would you like to be reconsidered for next year? If so why? *
23. Tell me about something you tried and failed at? *
24. What do you want to gain from being a part of the Sacred Waters Retreat Team? *
25. Do you have a self care regiment? If yes, tell us about it? *
27. Current employment? *
28. What areas of your life do you currently struggle with? How are you dealing with it? *
29. If you could do something else besides the job you have right now, what would it be and why? *
30. What are you good at? *
31. Do you have any successful events or projects that you have worked on in the past? Tell us about it and how did you contribute? *
32. Why do you think this team and the position you are applying for would be a good fit for you? *
33. What is your example of being a team player and what does it take to achieve a successful outcome when working in a group? *
34. What is your best skill set and how will it contribute to the sacred waters staff/team? *
35.  We do not like micro managing members of our staff. We expect everyone to be responsible for the task and duties of their position. Are you a point the finger at someone else when you fail to meet the daily challenges and expectations of your day to day life type of person? If yes, please explain why. If no, briefly explain how you cope, manage and effectively meet your goals. *
36.  What is your skill level for the position you are applying for? Please provide a detailed description & concrete examples *
37.  Are you computer savvy? If yes, provide the programs you have efficiency with. Do you follow directions well or have a tendency to over step boundaries? *
38. The position you chose may require you to submit bi weekly or monthly reports in a timely fashion. Are you capable and willing to complete this task without reminders? *
Sacred Waters Retreat is designed to challenge participants to reconnect to things that have been lost through generational trauma and emotional neglect. Our goal is to help women understand the depth of our presence on the planet and how our decisions, goals, dreams, daily lifestyle, relationships, self worth, esteem, and nurturing habits or lack thereof have infected, affected & effected us.

This retreat is about doing the inner work required to see your life in the highest light possible and how to move from thoughts towards positive manifestation. If you are selected for to join our amazing team you have till Feburary 28th, 2023 to pay your work-trade fee (please refer to the job description sheet for amount). 

*All fees are non-refundable for any reason.
*If Sacred Waters postpones or cancels an event, your fees will be credited towards the next domestic retreat.
*Work-Trade Fees can be also be applied towards  registration as a participant, however you must cancel your work trade position in writing 60 days prior to May 1st.
*This offer only applies to our Tennessee events only.

Applications will be rescinded without prior notice if you fail to meet this agreement. If you agree to these terms and have answered all the questions on this form please place the date in the space below as your digital signature.
Confidentiality Statement: 

Anyone associated with Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. through independent contract or work-trade will not at any time or in any manner either directly or indirectly use for personal benefit or the benefit of someone else divulge, disclose, transmit, write, discuss or communicate in any manner any information, as it pertains to the Sacred Waters Retreat LLC.

All and any information obtained through your participation will be treated as confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the release of your position (per job description).

Ownership of social media contacts, emails and any information sent or received on the behalf of Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. names, blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram used or created on behalf of us are the property of Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. 

You will release all access to and return all physical documents, all correspondence that were used, created or controlled on the behalf of Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. A breech of this provision may result in legal proceedings.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee. This work-trade agreement shall terminate automatically on the date indicated on the job description. By typing your name below, you indicate you have read and understood these terms.
I have read and answered all of the questions above truthfully. I have taken the time to look over the job description that I have applied for in detail with the understanding that additional duties may be added as necessary. Applying for this position is key to the overall excellence of a successful event - we hope to have you on our team, if not please feel to join us as a participant. Notifications and the status of this application will be sent to your email in 10-14 business days. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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