PANIC - Humans in nature
Are you a lover of nature, a hiker, a trail runner?
Join the journey to a new performance: PANIC – Humans in nature

I am a Berlin based stage director, writer and theatre artist. I came to Bergen with a residency at USF. My project is called “Panic – humans in nature” and it looks for nothing less than a new human relationship to the nature we live in. It will be a performance with an actress and probably one or two dancers. The performance is expected to take place in 2020.

Wild, natural environments have always fascinated mankind on one hand, and on the other, inspired fear and the human wish to “tame” nature, to dominate it, which in the end leads to destruction and alienation. “Panic” is a term that originally describes the presence of the god Pan, the ruler of the forests and the natural world. In moments such as these, we often experience a strong, undefinable terror. We are unsure if the power that confronts us will embrace or annihilate us.

I want to use the research phase in Bergen to find out if there’s a way to overcome today’s alienation from nature, to reconnect and to – maybe – find a way to re-embrace our position in nature. To put it in a simple question: Is it possible to become friends with Pan?

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For the new performance I’m very curious about some key questions:
--> How do you connect with nature and “the wild”?
--> Where and when did you have a moment of “panic” (meaning a moment where you felt really overwhelmed in a wild environment, in a positive or a negative way)?
--> How did you handle this moment?

All the questions on the next pages float around these key questions. Your answers will help to create a text performed on stage. Of course I will not use any personal data for that text. I will maybe quote some of your answers, but the performance will not consist in a reading of your answers. They are more a base layer for my team and me helping to create a new performance. You will of course remain anonymous – unless you tell us otherwise.

You can answer the questions in GERMAN, ENGLISH, NORWEGIAN, SWEDISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN.
Just insert your answers and click "send".
If you want to stay updated about the project, insert your e-mail address after the last question.

ALL IS OPTIONAL - you can also answer just one question, if you don't like the others.

Thank you for your time and thoughts!
Best regards, Carola
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LEVEL 1: Being outdoors
What are you doing outdoors?
If you clicked "other", what is it that you do?
If you do outdoor sports, what kind of sports do you perform?
What do you like about being outdoors?
Does the closer contact to nature change you or your behaviour towards nature somehow?
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If so, how?
Do you feel that your presence has an impact on nature?
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If so, how does nature change when you're in it?
Do you perform your activities usually...
LEVEL 2: Ever felt "Panic"?
Do you go "into the wild" or do you follow paths that already exist?
Please describe your way of finding your own paths, if you clicked "offroader" or "somewhere in between".
Do you ever feel fear being outdoors?
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If so, in which kind of situation?
Did you ever get lost? What happened?
Did you experience a moment of being overwhelmed by nature? Was it positive or negative? How did you react?
Did you ever have the impression of seeing or feeling trolls, fairys, ghosts or even Pan himself?
If so, what did you do? What did they do?
Is there anything special you want to tell me about your relationship with/to nature? A story, an event that touches you or makes you anxious?
I want to be updated about this project
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