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Each year Foster High School's National Honor Society takes nominations for the Foster High School Alumni Hall of Fame. Students, staff, and/or community members may nominate alumni. Nominations are due by May 31, 2018. The selected alumnus inductee will be notified by the end of this school year, with the ceremony to be held during Homecoming week of the following school year.

1. Must have graduated from Foster High School, not just attended.
2. Must have graduated at least 15 years or more ago.
3. Must have made an outstanding contribution to community and/or to their career field.

It is highly recommended that a person who nominates an alumnus attend the last NHS meeting on June 6th at 2:40 PM in the PAC to personally present their nomination to NHS members. Nominations presented at this meeting tend to have a better chance at being selected, as members vote on that same day.

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Mia Su-Ling Gregerson-Dahle *
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Wa. State Legislator, 33rd Legislative District
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Describe this alumnus's contribution to their career field and/or community? Mia began her public service career when she was elected to the SeaTac City Council in 2008 and served as the Mayor of SeaTac. In December of 2013, she was appointed to be the State House of Representatives from the 33rd Legislative District and she continues to serve in that capacity. Mia is a politician that truly represents the people she serves. She currently serves on four committees, local government, State Government, Elections & Information Technology, Transportation and Labor and Workplace standards where she serves as the Vice Chair. Locally, Mia has fought for light rail infrastructure, safe and complete streets and transit oriented development to support local families. During her campaigns, she has been endorsed by the Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment.Moving from City Council and local government to the State Legislature has allowed her to take her leadership skills to a larger group with a broader scope of impact and decision making. She is using her voice In the State Legislature to keep the issues of diversity, inclusion and housing issues in the forefront of decision makers. *
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Why would this person be a good candidate for the Alumni Hall of Fame? Mia is an excellent candidate for the Alumni Hall of Fame because of her devotion and activism in support of the people in our community. Mia lives by her values and her mission in life. She has several missions in life:dedicating her life to helping those in her community who are less fortunate and to give voice to those who do not believe they are heardPreserving and protecting our earth for us and future generationsDeveloping structures that will enable our younger population to develop a healthy and successful lifestyle by giving them a voice and providing opportunities for success and the support to get there. Initiate and develop programs to bridge the gap between all members of our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-generational community.To always be honest, kind, empathetic and a team player. Mia has strong leadership skills that have allowed her to fulfill her mission in local and state government. She is a person that believes in building the capacity of others and inspiring them to lead. Mia has worked to getting marginalized communities in leadership positions to encourage others to lead and to give voice to issues that are frequently not talked about. When you are a female, a woman of color and have firm beliefs that may challenge the status quo, you need to be resilient and able to persist. She was the only woman of color on the SeaTac City Council for a long time, which was a challenge and yet she persisted. Mia is very firm in her beliefs and she received a lot of negativity and backlash from the community and yet she persisted. She values inclusion and stuck by those values as she continued to put voice to the changing demographics and changing needs of the families in the community. Mia has had community members publicly discredit her and yet she persisted. Her strong values and beliefs have allowed her to be resilient and not succumb to the negativity from some of the community members who don’t want to change nor see the need to change. Yet she persisted.Mia inspires people to lead and empowers community to get involved and voice their opinions in decisions that will affect them. When Proposition 1 to raise wages at the airport was being discussed, Mia encouraged her community to talk about it, weigh the pros and cons and be a part of the solution and decision. Recently Mia has been a supporter and an advocate for families in the Firs Mobile Home Park who are going to displaced from their homes. She has been advocating and fighting for a fair hearing regarding the potential relocation from their long-time residences. Many of the residences are on fixed incomes and so have limited options in the area. Mia accompanied the mobile home park residents to Olympia and has co-sponsored House Bill 1514 that would help mobile home park residents have a more reasonable amount of time to relocate. Strong values, strength, resilience, and a big heart are what allows Mia to be the leader that she is. Mia is invested in empowerment and supporting women as well as marginalized communities. She is not apologetic about what she values and what she is passionate about. She develops strong personal relationships and is supportive of individuals in need. You will always hear Mia asking “what do you need” and will be there to provide the support for individuals who need it. I believe Mia is an excellent candidate for the Wall of Fame for Foster High School. She is a role model for our community and represents everything that being a Foster Bulldog represents. *
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