Feedback Form, Game Group, Autumn 2019
Thank you for giving feedback on TuSeta's Game Group! Your feedback is valuable in developing our activities.
If some of the options show in Finnish, the option "Muu" means "Other".

If you have any questions about the form, please contact Sanna:
045 166 5232 (WhatsApp)
Sanna TuSeta (facebook)

Where did you hear about the group?
What is best about the group?
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Does the group match your needs?
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Yes, really well!
What could be better about the group? What do you need more of from the group meetings?
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To me, the most important thing about the group is...
Feedback about or to the group leaders?
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Is the group a safe space for you? If not, please choose "muu/other" and tell us why
Feedback on the meeting place or other practical things?
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If you have stopped coming to the group meetings, please tell us why.
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Other thoughts, requests, greetings? Please share! :)
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