2021 OSTP & CCRA Testing Irregularity Form
- Document the Testing Irregularity
- Re-administer the same test form (if necessary)
- Student may need a new answer document or booklet depending on the circumstance
- Contact the DTC to obtain a Proctor Password to complete online testing
- Proctor Passwords must be manually reset by the DTC periodically throughout the testing window
- Complete the Testing Irregularity Form
- Take extra precautions when entering student's STN
- Maintain an electronic or hard copy of submitted Testing Irregularity Forms for district's records
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Date the irregularity occurred *
Date the assessment was completed *
Student(s) Testing Number (STN) *
Include the STNs of all students affected my the irregularity.
Type of Irregularity *
Select the type of irregularity that occurred. If "other" please provide details of the situation.
What process was utilized to complete testing? *
I attest that the above student(s) had a legitimate testing irregularity and that all procedures were followed according to the Oklahoma School Testing Program guidelines. I have ensured the Test Administrator, Test Proctor, BTC/DTC and the Site Principal are aware of the testing irregularity. *
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