Movement Monk Online Course Terms & Conditions
All participants in this Movement Monk online course agree to read and abide by the complete terms and conditions of this agreement:

1. The information, discussions and reference materials offered in this online class and website are intended solely for the general teaching and guidance of our class participants. Unlike medical and mental health professionals, we do not offer specific guidance, recommendations or prescribed actions. Indeed, the most obvious limitation of any health class such as this one is the inability to take into account the unique circumstances that define the specific health issues of any given individual. Consistently, all content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this class, is for general educational purposes only.

2. The information provided in the class and website is not intended to diagnose health problems and is not intended to treat any disease or illness – physical or mental. And the use of this website does not establish a professional relationship as provider-client/patient. In other words, we cannot and do not give you medical or psychological advice. Information offered in the class is not intended to replace or take the place of consultation with a qualified health or mental health professional. If you have specific questions about your situation that you would like to discuss with a professional, or have questions about new treatment possibilities as you take this course, please consult your physician or mental health care provider.

3. We also ask participants to understand that we do not have the resources or the capability to answer all student questions individually and directly. Where we can, we will enjoy personal contact with class participants via e-mail or phone. In most cases, however, we will be required to respond more generally. That is, we will offer responses within the course or on our website to questions raised that, in our opinion, may be of general value to all participants on the website or class. Again, the answers to these questions should in no way be considered specific medical or psychological advice or specific indicators for your health plan. Our goal is to share personal and student experiences, and provide general, science-based, summary information so that students are able to feel more empowered as knowledgeable participants in the progression of their own health and mental health.

4. Our courses are under constant development, and changes may be made in the articles and programs at any time. We reserve the right to change the website's disclaimer or privacy policy; if interested, you are welcome to review these periodically.

I understand and acknowledge that:

(1) I understand fully the difference between education and professional treatment or therapy,
(2) this class and website are for general educational purposes only,
(3) although this class will be addressing a variety of issues related to mental health and
serious emotional problems, the class does not offer therapy of any kind, nor does it attempt to treat individuals in any way,
(4) if I need or want an assessment, diagnosis and/or therapy, I will seek assistance from a qualified medical or mental health professional, and
(5) I have been encouraged to consult with a qualified medical professional before making changes to any current treatment, including medications.

I waive and release Movement Monk, its officers, employees, and agents, from any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, causes of action, and expenses arising from, or related in any way, to my participation in this class and any action I may choose to take, or choose not to take, thereafter.

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