English Placement Test
This English Placement Test has been designed to test the level of English of students who apply for any of the vocational courses - Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma level - at the NSW Institute of Education and Training. The test items specifically focus on reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, followed up by a speaking test with a Cambridge CELTA certified language teacher. The test items have been adapted from English Language Centre sources and thus meet the requirements of a valid, reliable, fair, effective and well-constructed assessment tool.
The English proficiency test allows candidates to demonstrate the minimum requirements for entry to VET courses.

There are four parts to the test which must be completed in 60 minutes.
Part 1 – Reading (5 questions)  - 10 minutes
Part 2 – Grammar (15 questions)  - 15 minutes

Part 3 - Vocabulary (10 questions) - 10 minutes
Part 4 – Writing (20 points) -  25 minutes


Part 5 - Speaking (20 points) - 15 minutes*

*After completing the 4 initial parts, please schedule a speaking test, using the link provided at the end of this test.
If you exceed the time allocated for each section of the test we cannot guarantee a successful outcome.

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