Akashic Records - Questionnaire
Hello! Thank you for your interest in doing Akashic Records work together. Please fill out this form as fully as you can -- this will help me serve you better.

Please note: submitting this form does not guarantee an appointment. I will let you know within 24 hours of completing this questionnaire if we are able to work together. I want to make sure that we'll be a good fit and that I will be able to help you given my expertise, approach, and availability.

Thank you!

all my best,
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What's the issue, challenge, or situation you'd like to explore together through the Akashic Records? (The more specific, the better information we'll be able to get.) *
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What are the main questions you'd like to ask the Akashic Records? (Please feel free to list up to 3 questions, and try to make them as specific as possible. This helps us get more useful information.) *
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How ready and willing are you to dive deep into healing work, take ownership of your life, and create the life that you want? *
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Are you currently (or have you ever been) under the care of a therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor for a serious mental health issue? (Please note: it's important for me to know this so I can assess your stability, support network, and well-being prior to embarking on deep healing work. If you check YES, we can have a conversation about how you're currently feeling and whether the kind of work I do would be helpful in combination with other support.) *
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